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  Company Profile is a one-stop-shop for everything in Fabrics and other items.

Our Organic cotton, patchwork, bamboo, organic silk and cotton fabrics are sourced first-hand from India mostly, through our own offices & stocking centers.

Our endeavor is to add value to whatever it is that you do-Whether you buy fabrics as sewing enthusiasts / sewing contractors / fashion designers / end-users / seamstresses / quilters / apparel makers, or as craft-lovers & fashion retailers/wholesalers who need a fabric-store right at their desk, or even fabric stores that want to add more to their collections.

The idea is to let you have a fabrics-store at your desk, so you can concentrate on doing whatever it is that you do.

We offer the following:

  • Fabrics in retail without minimums
  • Fabrics in wholesale with Minimums
  • Fabrics as per YOUR own samples/pictures, that we can source for you at maybe better prices than your current vendors.

Some of the fabrics we offer are:

  • Organic cotton knit jersey, interlock, fleece, rib, terry and velour, in solids, stripes, plaids and prints.
  • Organic cotton wovens like poplin, twill, canvas, corduroy and flannels in plaids, stripes .
  • Organic cotton wovens & knits, dyed using only Natural dyes, extracted from plants and natural minerals like indigo, madder, ash, Myrobalan, pomegranate, chebula, cutch, and logwood.These are ZERO-impact fabrics, and not just LOW-impact, like all other organic cottons. These fabrics are available in poplin, twill, canvas, corduroy, jersey, interlock, terry, fleece, rib and flannels in plaids, stripes, solids and naturals.
  • Organic silk / peace silk / ahimsa silk fabrics, made of fibers harvested only from silk worms that are allowed to live out their natural lives, rather than boiling about 1500 silk worms alive, just to harvest enough fiber for 1 meter of conventional silk fabric.All natural dyed.
  • Bamboo & Soy fiber fabrics
  • Pearl, banana, milk and aloe vera fiber fabrics, only on custom order.
  • Patchwork madras plaid fabrics.
  • Regular cotton madras plaid, cotton printed and other woven fabrics.
  • Patchwork madras plaid clothing / apparel, such as patchwork madras shorts, shirts, capri pants, skirts-all part of our preppy madras clothing.
  • Herb & mineral dyed Organic cotton terry towels.
  • Bamboo fiber terry towels.
  • We offer CUSTOM ORGANIC PRINTING of your designs, using water-based / pigment inks certified as per GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards).
  • We have among many retail buyers, several wholesale buyers such as the fabric stores and shops of New York fashion district, Los Angeles fashion district, fashion designers in New York, USA and UK/Europe, crafters and quilters.

    Our base company-Atlantis Inc. is a member of the Indo-American Chamber Of Commerce (IACC), which is the premier business and trade forum between Indian and US corporations. is managed by a small team of fabric specialists, 'fashion-watchers' and Management Graduates who ensure that you get the best of fabrics & accessories at the best prices, and your experience with us is nothing short of the best.

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