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The rush to China for fabrics and textiles seems to have led to an overlooking of India as a textiles and fabrics source for the needs of the fashion industry worldwide.

Its interesting to see though how much India has to offer in the realm of fabrics and textiles.

China might be the factory of the world, producing in mass what buyers in the West specify. India however has a 2-fold advantage.
India not only offers the capability to mass-produce fabrics/textiles as per specifications of design houses, but rather also offers unique fabrics/textiles which have been produced specifically in India since centuries and have moved from being local crafts to national treasures on offer.

If textiles is what you do, then a visit to India is a must.
Here, the markets are flooded with traditional fabrics, natural weaves, exotic silks, hand-embroideries, hand-paintings, batik etc.

Not only can you find volume sellers here, but also lots of retail sellers of fabrics that can cater to your customized needs alongwith offering you the uniqueness of India. Back to articles

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