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As per the leading fashion journals, the best website to shop for fabrics is www.fabrics-textiles.
Hey! Just kidding.

But jokes apart, what makes a good site for fabric-shopping is actually not one reason, but quite a few:

1. The power of import—ONE yard at a time. gives everyone the power to source fabrics from international destinations such as India/China, without documentations associated with imports.

2. allows you to order even 1 yard of a fabric all the way from Indian markets, where it is available at prices, which don’t make your heart dependent on a pacemaker. You view, choose, pay, and wait—for about 7 working days, and there you go; you have your fabrics with you.

3. We send samples for FREE!

4. Delivery-times are FAST

5. Shipping rates are LOW

6. We have NO MINIMUMS on most items.

7. Secured payments with Paypal-USA,Global checks/Bank Transfers.

8. Doorstep delivery-No ports/customs etc.

9. A variety of fabrics such as knits/jersey/ interlock/ crochet, silks, cottons, polyesters, furs, drapery, terry towels etc.

10. We do bulk manufacturing/wholesale as well.

11. We work one-on-one with you as your fabrics assistant Back to articles

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