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Quilting Fabric is everywhere
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If youíve been making quilts for a long time, then you probably already know that you can find quilting fabric anywhere. Quilting fabrics can be found at any fabric store, but quilting fabrics can also be found around your house. It just depends on the type of quilting fabric that you want to use and what kind of project you are trying to quilt.

Quilting offers you the flexibility of incorporating many designs and colors into one project. Before you begin making your quilt, youíve probably already made some very broad decision about the kind of quilting fabrics youíre going to use, even if you havenít actually thought about it much. If you want to make a quilt that has a specific pattern, then youíre probably going to go to a store that sells quilting fabrics so that you can pick out exactly what you want.
But this isnít the only kind of quilting that you can do.

If you want to quilt something thatís more personal, then you might want to try using quilting fabrics that you can find around your home. Right now you may not think of the fabric as quilting fabric, but once you begin your project you will see potential in all of the fabric in your home.
For instance, you might want to try quilting out of old clothes. One of the great things about quilting is that you can reuse material from worn out items. When a piece of clothing begins to get old, we often think of it as no longer being useful. But just because a shirt has a tear in it is no reason that you canít recycle it into another item. Cut the unmarred fabric into squares and suddenly that T-shirt has become quilting fabric. When youíre gathering quilting fabrics youíll want to pick fabrics like cotton that are soft and comfortable. Thatís the only requirement.

If you donít have any clothes that you want get rid of, then check out the clothes that other people want to get rid of as your source of quilting fabrics. Tell your friends that youíre looking for quilting fabrics and ask them to give you old clothes or scraps of fabric that they may have around the house. You can also use yard sales and thrift stores as a source of quilting fabrics. The quilting fabric that you get from these places will be very inexpensive and youíll be able to use it as quilting fabric for many different projects.

Now that you know how to see the world as a possible source of quilting fabrics, youíll never run out of quilting fabrics for any of your quilting needs. Just keep your eyes open for quilting fabrics and you will see it everywhere. Donít be afraid to ask your friends for quilting fabrics either. In time you might want to make a gift out of some of the quilting fabrics that theyíve given you. That will let them know that youíre really doing something with the quilting fabrics theyíve given you.

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